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Welcome To Our Online Shop Buy First Aid Kits, Defibrillators (AEDs), First Aid Supplies and more!

It is a known fact that what you do in the minutes prior to the arrival of healthcare professionals will impact on the outcome of a medical emergency. 

Having a suitable First Aid Kit readily at hand may assist in responding to an emergency. We can tailor your First Aid Kit so it is relevant to you.  Whether you require a Workplace Compliant First Aid Kit, a kit for your vehicle, a Marine compliant kit or you need to Restock or Refill your First Aid Kit – we are here to help.

Our range of AED‘s – Defibrillators, are user friendly and reasonably priced.  The consumables – Batteries and Pads are readily available. Our focus is to offer high quality First Aid Kits and Supplies at competitive prices.

Our Online shop is still under development, so currently items that are of higher demand are listed, however you can contact us regarding any  items and we will be able to assist with your specific requirement.